Story of Us

Story of Us

Etron Energy is a leading energy storage solution and service provider found in 2016. We specialize in residential and commercial applications delivering pre-eminent ESS products and fit-for-purpose solutions.

At Etron Energy, we understand that quality and price are both important. Our diversified ESS solutions are designed to provide cost effective alternatives for our clients, and our detailed collaboration with partners ensures quality standards are consistently maintained.

Close cooperation with top quality partners only in China has delivering significant cost benefits to a number of satisfied clients. With a focus on excellence, and the combination of client collaboration and an experienced management team, we provide you with an opportunity to meet budget expectations whilst maintaining the quality and service of international top brands offer.

Etron Energy will always offer a comprehensive design and supply for top quality ESS,and we will collaborate with our partners and clients to fiercely greet every energy challenge, shift the way our world uses power, and advance the greater good of our planet.


-Henry Ford

-Our experience and reputation is your gurantee.